Responsive Websites – Why your business needs one

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Responsive Websites - Why your business needs oneSo what’s with all the hype about Responsive websites any way. Every designer out there is suddenly trying to “upgrade” you to a Responsive site. Well the hype is real and you should probably hear what these designers have to say.

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly you’re likely losing potential customers or new business. Site’s that are not mobile friendly (Responsive) have a higher bounce rate i.e. people coming onto our site and leaving almost instantly. This is not what you want, you want to captivate and intrigue your audience, you wanna catch their attention! There are a few additional benefits to having a Responsive site.

No Mobile Site Needed

Because your site responds to all devices you’ll longer have need for an additional mobile site. Meaning you’re saving valuable resources and time.

Everyone Is Going Mobile

The majority of today’s internet traffic is generated from mobile devices. If you’re the kind of business that is ahead of the times with regards to Social Media marketing you would likely have noticed that most of the traffic coming from these channels is done via mobile devices.

SEO Loves Responsive

If you’re wanting to improve your Search Engine Optimisation then you will definitely need to go Responsive. Sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing have a higher preference to sites that are Responsive. The bonus with platforms such as WordPress is that your site is instantly
lighter and this enhances your SEO performance even further.

Responsive websites are the future of the internet, don’t let your business get left behind.