Branding Your Start-Up

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Branding-Your-Start-UpSo you’ve decided to venture into the world of being your own boss, congratulations! This is an exciting day indeed, however once the excitements wears off and all the realities start to hit home it’s time to start building a Brand around your awesome idea. Below are three highly important areas of Branding you’ll want to consider when building your new Brand. Ideally, you’ll want to bring a professional in to assist you with your Branding instead of just ‘winging it’ on your own. Remember how you portray your business is how your will (or won’t) be remembered.

Naming your new business is one of the first steps to building an awesome Brand. This is one of the ways the world will remember who you are. The name of your business requires some serious thought, research and attention to detail. Your Business name should be easy to pronounce, simple to remember and should have at least some relevance to what your Business actually does.

This is where your Logo, colours and key Branding elements come in. This is how you will present your Business to the world. Here things like fonts and colours become very important your Logo should be easy to read and should utilise colours that reflect who your Brand is and what your Business is about. Remember that your Logo is usually the first part of your Brand that potential Clients will see, you’ll want to make sure it’s engaging, captivating and inviting

This is where things get a bit more personal, how people relate to your Brand is crucial. Here you’ll need to consider the emotional and psychological impact your colours and Logo will have on your potential Clients. Ideally you want to build a Brand that instils confidence and trust, over and above this you would need to consider your industry directly. So for example, if you were Branding your Medical Supplies Business then you would likely want your Brand to portray health and have a bit of a clinical feel to it. This aspect of your Branding can be tricky it’s usually a good idea to seek the assistance of a Design House or Studio to help you bring your Brand to life, so you can ensure great engagement with your audience, both current and prospective.